Getting Back…

Caught in the whirlwind called life, with all its glorious twists and turns, I had kept myself from blogging longer than anticipated. An impending house shift in a month’s time is not helping either. To say that I didn’t enjoy this time off would be a lie. Other interests, both old and new, took precedence, keeping me occupied. But, last week, when I was packing my blog props in the moving boxes, I realized I do miss blogging. The excitement of stumbling upon a new recipe, the joy of capturing it in a perfect click, and the delight of sharing it with others, is definitely absent now. ‘I will return to blogging after the move, when all this hustle and bustle is over’, I said to myself. But when is life not chaotic? There is always one thing or the other happening. Just like the Tamil proverb that my mom often quotes, ‘If one waits for the tides to subside, he may never bathe in the ocean’.

With those words of wisdom, I have impelled myself to return to blogging. Not that thousands of food enthusiasts are cheering for my comeback (wouldn’t that be nice). But this blog is my virtual kitchen, and I refuse to neglect it. Some of you were kind enough to check upon me, while I was away. I thank you and all the others for patiently waiting during my period of silence.

‘Now, where do I start?’, I asked myself while I was sipping the watermelon juice that G had made. This has been my absolute favourite this summer, far better than my mundane version. Thanks to G, who concocted this recipe to give the juice some body and zing. Why not blog about this? I instantly started taking some photos right on our coffee table. With the sound of the shutter, G came rushing to see me working behind the camera. His meaningful grin conveyed that he was more than happy to see me doing what I enjoy the most. I am glad too…

Watermelon Juice With A Zing
(makes 4 to 6 servings)


Watermelon cubes – 3 cups
Ripe tomato – 1
Ginger – 1 inch, peeled and chopped
Juice of half a lemon


Blend the first 3 ingredients smoothly. Strain, and mix the lemon juice. Refrigerate and enjoy within a week. Serve chilled.

Like I had mention before, most of our stuff is packed and I have a little to work with. And, I had only recently cleared my backlog of old recipes (what a timing). I am going to blog about those simple meals that I whip up from my half-empty kitchen. I may not be blogging as frequently as I used to. But I will not abscond too.