Leek-Tofu Quiche

Leeks - This week's 1-in-3

The first time I bought leeks, I neither knew what they were nor how to cook them. Well, most of the times, I buy vegetables without knowing how to cook them. This comes out of frustration of mundane use of the usual vegetables – cauliflower, carrot, cabbage. Sporadic availability of the Indian vegetables is also part of the reason.

Since I learnt that they belong to the onion family, I decided to substitute them for onions in a soup. Even while I was sautéing, I knew I will love this vegetable. And I did. Though it wouldn’t hurt substituting leeks for onions in most of the recipes, their subtle, but sweet flavour will stand out without overpowering the other flavours. Leeks are more apt for people who hate the strong taste of onions. More about cleaning leeks here.

Leek-Tofu Quiche

The moment I laid my eyes on this recipe in Vegetarian Times, I knew I had to try it. I did tweak the recipe a little bit. But one bite was enough to win over my heart. This one is a keeper.



All purpose flour – 1 cup
Egg – 1
Soymilk – ¼ cup

Dried thyme leaves – ¼ tsp
Baking powder – ¼ tsp
Salt – ¼ tsp
Olive oil – 2 tbsp



Leek – 1, cleaned and chopped
Firm or extra-firm tofu – ½ lb.
Garlic – 2 cloves
Green chillies - 2
Sun-dried tomato – 4
Walnuts – few, roasted and chopped
Bread crumbs – 1 cup
Juice of 1 lemon
Cilantro, chopped
Olive oil – 1 tbsp


Preheat oven to 3500F.

Make the crust by mixing all the ingredients together and pressing down into a springform pan. I used two 4.5 inch mini springform pans. Bake them for 8 mins.

Reconstitute sun-dried tomatoes in hot water, if they are not packed in oil.

To make the filling, heat oil in a pan, sauté leeks, garlic and chillies until softened. Mash tofu with a fork in a separate bowl. Add salt, sun-dried tomatoes, bread crumbs, walnuts, cilantro, lime juice and sautéed leeks. Spoon the filling into the crust and bake ‘em for 40 mins. Cool and serve with a side salad.


Leek-Tofu quiche with garden salad and mango lemonade

Vegan-friendly tip: For the crust, use 1/3 cup of soymilk and omit the egg.


FH said...

Suganya,that is gorgeous.Leeks are like spring onions but big and thick.Quiche looks gorgeous.Thanks for the recipe.

I will post my new one at Foodies Hope tomorrow,check out every Wednesday!:))

Nupur said...

Gorgeous pictures as always...and that leek tart looks absolutely delicious. I also shy away from using leeks, so I'm looking forward to your other ideas. This section is so much fun!

Suma Gandlur said...

First time here. A wonderful blog with beautiful pictures.

Sharmi said...

your pics and the recipe looks so unique. very creative.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you started blogging. Amazing pics. This tart is looking really great.

Suganya said...

Sure thing Asha... And, thanks :)

Nupur, I am hoping to do more recipes in this section. Let's see how far i can do it.

Thanks Suma, Sharmi

Gini.. Yr words made my day :)

Shammi said...

Wow, you take fantastic photos! Just lovely!

DEEPA said...

Hey sugnaya ..Too good man ....pics are excellent ..ur style of presentation too good.I am visitng you for the first time ..too good man ...

bee said...

that is areally fabulous recipe. i have bookmarked it. thanks.

Anonymous said...

well...was waiting to try out one of your eye popping, mouth watering recipes before putting down any comments...but this one i could not resist, on complimenting you on your excellent workmanship....excellent!!!

Suganya said...

Shammi, Thanks!

Hope to see more of u Deepa

Bee, Do try this and lemme know.

Sunitha, Thtz so nice of you!!

Suganya said...

Beautiful pictures......all ur recipes are different...Leek and tofu soup looks great...

KD said...


This look soooooooo delicious! Can you please describe what it tastes like/? hehehee...

marriedtoadesi.com said...


Your pictures are so good. I am really enjoying your site. Browsed around quite a bit today. Inspirational!

leonine194 said...

i love the pictures! congratulations for your yummy blog!

Johanna GGG said...

Thanks for the wonderful leek tofu quiche recipe - made it a few nights ago and have posted my version at http://gggiraffe.blogspot.com/2007/12/almost-vegan-quiche-and-coulis.html

Such a great alternative to egg and milk quiches - just wish I could make food that looked as good as yours

ResH said...

FALLEN IN LOVE WITH UR BLOG.....I AM A NEWBIE TO COOKING.....well i mite also come up with a blog fulla foodie goodies in the near future hihihihi.......HATS OFF to the great cooks.....Its a tuff job

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