Vegan Ventures Roundup

Phew! Hosting an event is not a simple task. This being the first time, I learnt quite a bit. I was also introduced to many blogs and bloggers. On the whole, it was a fantastic ride from the start, thanks to you all. I was hesitant about announcing Vegan Ventures, not sure how it will be received. But gracious bloggers, as you are, played along well to make this event a success. Bloggers from varying food groups participated with equal enthusiasm. And some of you (Asha, Siri, Sea, Nags, Meera, The Cooker, Sarah, Sia, Mansi, Rina, Latha & Lakshmi) even sent two entries each. A big ‘Thank You’ to all the participants for sending in a total of 56 entries.

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Although we (myself and ‘G’) have been vegetarians all our life, the concept of Veganism is quite new to both of us. Up until recent times, we always had thought being Vegan was just about not consuming any dairy, meat or any animal based products. Boy were we wrong.

Veganism is a lifestyle, a choice, a pledge to live free of cruelty to other living organisms that inhabit this planet and to live in harmony with nature. The concept of Veganism does not stop at the table, but extends to every other aspect of our modern lifestyle ranging from cosmetics, medicines etc.

Being Vegan is not an easy task and cannot be taken lightly. It’s a lifestyle, so changes will need to be done gradually in small steps. Cruelty-free living can start at home and in small simple steps
  • Reducing consumption of dairy, meat & animal based products
  • Using products that are not tested on animals and those which are not harmful to the environment.

In today’s age, it may not be entirely possible to live 100% free of cruelty. Knowingly or unknowingly we all consume a variety of animal based or derived products. Accepting this fact and increasing our awareness lets us do the best we can. I hope that Vegan Ventures in its own small way, has contributed to spreading this awareness. It was also an opportunity for us to expand our knowledge and awareness of this unique lifestyle. For further reads follow these links – Living cruelty free, Factory farming, Vegan Society.

With that thought, I leave you with a gorgeous array of vegan recipes, each unique and different, as their creators. In addition to the 56 entries I received, you can find 8 of my entries too. The picture below will take you to the gallery.

Vegan Ventures Roundup

Entries at a glance

  1. Tasty Palettes – Mixed vegetables with coconut-black chickpea rice
  2. Aroma – Zucchini Bhaji
  3. Aroma – Brussels sprouts stir-fry
  4. Tasty Palettes – Marinated cauliflower in coconut-chickpea flour gravy
  5. Siri’s Corner – Thai rice and beans croquettes
  6. Nourish Me – Shallot and prune confit
  7. Culinary Bazaar – Bean noodles
  8. Siri’s Corner – Mixed vegetables dipped in tomato sauce
  9. Tasty Palettes – Thai croquettes
  10. Samaikalam Vaanga – Tomato soup
  11. Book Of Yum – Tofu quiche
  12. Tasty Palettes – Lemon poppy seeds cookies
  13. The Art And Science Of Food – An article about vegan gelatin and Sambai on peuga-ga
  14. My diverse Kitchen – Tomato chutney
  15. Book Of Yum – Twice baked spinach garlic stuffed potatoes
  16. For The Cook in Me – Kara kozhumbu and beans parippu usili
  17. Smita Serves You Right – Quiche and tell
  18. One Hot Stove - Chili and cornbread
  19. Habeas Brulee - Quince cranberry sorbet
  20. Cooking 4 All Seasons – Jahangiri
  21. Enjoy Indian Food – Methi na muthiya
  22. Never Trust A Skinny Cook – Tempe skewer
  23. Ranchikud , A Goan’s Kitchen - Batatyache kalvan
  24. Tasty Palettes – Oatmeal with dates and pistachios
  25. The Cooker – Chocolate cake
  26. Jugalbandi – Thai yellow curry with black rice and baked lotus root
  27. The Singing Chef – Mixed vegetable curry
  28. Meera’s Weblog – Sprouted green gram sabzi
  29. Red Chillies – Garden vegetables-navy bean soup
  30. Meera’s Weblog – White beans sabzi
  31. What Smells So Good – Slow it down Mediterranean soup
  32. What Smells So Good – Low fat coffee cake
  33. Monsoon Spice – Tome yum soup
  34. Monsoon Spice – Jasmine rice soup
  35. The ‘Yum’ Blog – Chocolate Truffles
  36. Tasty Palettes – Tofu Sandwich
  37. Zlamushka’s Spicy Kitchen – Chili brownie muffins
  38. Spice ‘n Flavours – Baigan ka bhurr-taah
  39. Canela & Comino - Moroccan garbanzo soup
  40. Curry In Kadai – Ridge gourd in spicy tamarind sauce
  41. Tasty Palettes – Taco party
  42. Spicy Chilly – Stir-fried green papaya
  43. Fun And Food – Rice paper rolls
  44. Fun And Food – Hot and sour soup
  45. Food, In The Main… - Amiri khaman
  46. Evolving Tastes – Oven cooked baby potatoes in tomato gravy
  47. Ahaar - Slow cooker black bean and vegetable soup
  48. Vegan Visitor - Roasted chestnut and persimmon stuffing
  49. The Cooker – Nankatai
  50. Sunita’s World – Split red lentil soup
  51. Valli’s Kitchen – Quinoa with asparagus and chickpeas
  52. Indian Food Rocks – Udon noodle curry
  53. Fusion – Soya lollipops
  54. The ‘Yum’ Blog – Thalara karamedu
  55. Greedy Gourmet - French bean, tomato and pistachio salad
  56. Rina’s recipe – A simple toor dal and a vegan meal
  57. The Well Seasoned Cook – Indian Fried Okra
  58. Global Vegan – Rice kheer
  59. Finger Licking Good – Spicy Dosas
  60. Hunger Pangs – Get vegasconed
  61. Veggie Platter – Peanut butter
  62. Tasty Palettes – Vegetable potstickers
  63. Cooking From A To Z – Almond orange chocolate cake
  64. Mediterranean Cooking In Alaska - Wild greens with celery-mint tomato sauce

The entries are in the order in which I received them. If you don’t find your entry or is there a correction to be made, please let me know, I will rectify it. For quick reference, the event logo on the left pane will bring you to this roundup on your future visits.


Anonymous said...

lovely round up, i am enjoying all the event and its round up, as we can see all the dishes in one place and learn so many things, i am very thankful to each one of you who host the event and give such an wonderful final round up

Srivalli said...

Suganya, that looks job..and nice way of presenting the round up...

Siri said...

Love the RoundUp dear! esp the picasa web album was such a nice idea!


It was my pleasure to contribute to ur event!

~ Siri

Nupur said...

What a feast this is! Every single course from appetizers and desserts has been taken care of. Thank you for this great event, Suganya!

KALVA said...

Wow awesome roundup.. so many dishes, good job Suganya!! Whats the next event?

FH said...

Thank you sweet girl, for taking time to do the round up, looks great. Just wanted to say "good job". I am gone now!!:D

Bharathy said...

Din't you enjoy hosting your very first event with these 56 supporters for vegan diet!!?? :)
Lovely round up Suganya!..

Rajitha said...

awesome suganya..great round-up!!

sunita said...

Thanks Sug, for that wonderful round up...enjoyed participating.

Priya said...

Wonderful job with the round up Suganya. This event got me to truly comprehend what Vegan meant. I thought it was just abstaining from dairy products, but like you said, it is a lifestyle. Thank you for taking it up :)

Namratha said...

Fabulous round up Suganya, and I have bookmarked this post, good to see so many Vegan dishes. I am very new to this too so its always nice to try such dishes. Thanks to you for the lovely event, we learnt a lot

Rina said...

That is a cool roundup Sunganya. A quick one too. Thanks for all the hard work you put in. Lovely!!!. Now we have a galore of vegan to explore with in our kitchen.

Seema Bhat said...

Great roundup lady!!! All the entries are so delicious looking and I loved the way you put them all together.

Ashwini said...

Suganya I am so sorry I couldnt participate. I had even decided on the dish :-( but its been busy at work before we leave on a vacation. I think I would still like to post after I get back..this is just a wonderful event. I think you should make it periodic. Not monthly bcoz there are way too many events but perhaps alternate months or every quarter? Thanks for hosting!

Kumudha said...

This is great! Loved the presenation of delicious vegan fare.

Thanks again for hosting Vegan Venture.

DK said...

wonderful round up Suganya.I loved your presentation!

arundati said...

superb round up!! i'm having a tough time making a list of things i want to try!!

Shweta said...

Beautiful roundup Suganya! Too bad I could not participate :( Thanks for raising 'Vegan' awareness!

evolvingtastes said...

Great job on the round-up, Suganya!

bee said...

thanks for a great event.

Bong Mom said...

That was a great event, 64 vegan entries at one go...simply wow.

Revathi said...

When I visit ur blog, I thank God for my eyes. Truly amazing fotos and variety !!!!

Kribha said...

Excellent round-up Suganya. I made dish for you and posted it in my blog. But never found the time to mail it to you. Too bad I missed it. Will catch up someother time.

Indonesia Eats said...

Woww Suganya, you had done a great job
Thank you for hosting this event

Mansi said...

each entry looks great! its like a vegan heaven! thankss for hosting Suganya:)

Valli said...

Wow! the pictures look soo yummy! Nice roundup Suganya :)! When are we having the next event :)

Gretchen Noelle said...

Suganya, Great job on your first event! I love the display of pictures! I look forward to reading these in more detail to get more ideas of vegan food! Thank you so much for doing this!

TheCooker said...

Great effort.
This is quite a roundup.

Cynthia said...

Congratulations on successfully hosting your own event!

Lucy said...

Well done Suganya! I don't envy you the task of rounding up so many entries, but you've done a great job.

So many things to check out - off to do so, right now.

amna said...

thats a nice and easy way to round up :) and a lovely list too.. will be back to try out a few, especially your tofu sandwich, which i wanted to try with paneer, though it wont be vegan, then.

Aparna Balasubramanian said...

Nice roundup, Suganya. So many entries too. I especially liked the photo presentation, all the entries visible in one screen.

Susan said...

Whew! 64 entries - count' em! And you've made short, beautiful work of all of them!

Sagari said...

wonderfull roundup

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Very true... Veganism is much more than what we think it is..... And thanx for the round up. Gr8 collection of recipes

Suma Gandlur said...

I applaud you for selecting such a thoughtful theme.
We do consume dairy products like most of the Indian vegetarians. After seeing the cruelty with which the animals are treated, on some vegan websites, we are slowly moving to soy products.
Round up is such a colorful feast to eyes.

musical said...

Hey Suganya, this is such a lovely and neat round-up for a wonderful theme! i cudn't participate, but am gonna' bookmark this post! Such a wholesome post!

Linda said...

Hi Suganya,

I'm saving this wonderful round up with its gorgeous gallery for a lazy weeknight when it's snowing. Then I shall sit back with a hot cuppa and browse and drool to my heart's content. I'm sorry I didn't get to participate in this one :( Next time around, I hope! Thanks for putting it all together with your special touch :)

Viji said...

Lovely roundup Suganya. Neatwork. Viji

ushaprashanth said...

Hi suganya!
Round up is fantastic!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful array of vegan dishes -- I feel so inspired!

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