Weekend Breakfast Blogging – Healthy Eats – Roundup

Send me healthy breakfast ideas, I said. Send you did, 76 of ‘em. I enjoyed hosting this event, because every morning bloggers flooded my inbox with brilliant breakfast ideas. Flat breads, wraps, whole grain breakfast bowls, quick breads, you name it, I received it. So if you are looking for ideas for a nutritious breakfast, this roundup is what you may be looking for. I thank each and every one of you for participating in this event and making it a grand success. I also thank Nandita at Saffron Trail for entrusting me with her famed event.

Without further ado, I present you with a lovely array of healthy breakfast recipes. The collage below will also take you to the gallery. The entries are in the order in which I received ‘em.

WBB Roundup

Entries at a glance

  1. For The Cook In Me – Idiyappam with potato stew
  2. Peppermill – Adai and avial
  3. Experiments In Kaila's Kitchen – Upma kozhakkattai
  4. Archy's Recipe Book – Quinoa with tomato chutney
  5. Siri at Siri's Corner – Whole wheat upma
  6. Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu – Cabbage upma
  7. Enjoy Indian Food – Assamese bhakri
  8. Sreelu's Tasty Travels – A healthy brunch with chard dal
  9. Ruchii – Methi onion chapathi
  10. My Kitchen World – Ragi dosa
  11. Cooking 4 All Seasons – Idli with onion sambar
  12. Simple Indian Food – Oats dosa
  13. Aroma – Thalipeeth
  14. Sometime Foodie – Spinach pesarattu w/o rice
  15. My Veggie World – Vegetable pongal
  16. My Creative Ideas – Sprouted green gram dosa
  17. The Singing Chef – Ragi doddak with onion tomato chutney
  18. Four Foodies – Whole wheat pancakes with strawberry sauce
  19. Lisa's Kitchen – Jalapeño breakfast burrito
  20. Kopiaste – Cypriot tyropita
  21. When My Soup Came Alive – Egg scrambles with curry leaves
  22. Mirch Masala – Breakfast bars
  23. Siri's Corner – Palak godhuma dosa
  24. Red Chillies – Oatmeal and OJ
  25. Archana's Kitchen – Moong dal chilla
  26. Canela & Comino – Millet Porridge
  27. Samaikalam Vanga – Pongal and sambar
  28. The Puku – Spiced eggs and hummus on toast
  29. Phe/MOM/enon – Apple oat pancakes
  30. Holy Cow – Adai
  31. Spices 'n Flavours – Morning glory muffins
  32. Closet Cooking – Quinoa fruit salad with yogurt
  33. Tasty Palettes – Idly with sambar
  34. Joy The Baker – Gnarley muffins
  35. Jugalbandi – Steamed broccoli cornmeal cake
  36. Sunita's World – Pomegranate and nut muffins
  37. My Diverse Kitchen – Eggless pomegranate apple walnut muffins
  38. Food Blogga – Breakfast quinoa
  39. Green Gourmet Giraffe – Microwave muesli
  40. Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen – Oatmeal cookies
  41. Curry In Kadai – Healthy Ragi dosa
  42. Fun and Food – Eggless cranberry walnut scones
  43. Tasty Palettes – Carrot pineapple muffins
  44. A Bon Vivant's Chow Chronicles – Oondis
  45. A Bon Vivant's Chow Chronicles – Whole wheat banana prune soda bread rolls
  46. Amma's Special – Spongy idlies and spicy kurma
  47. Recipe Center – Whole moong dosa
  48. Diet, Dessert And Dogs – Savory filled breakfast crepes
  49. Culinary Bazaar – Herb omelette
  50. Spice-Club – Tofu scramble
  51. What's For Lunch Honey? – Nutty amaranth granola with fresh berries
  52. Heaven's Garden – Steamed pitha
  53. Spicy Thali – Chilla (besan pancakes)
  54. Mahanandi – Mamidi pesara pappu (Mango moong dal)
  55. Dile Se... – Bulgur upma
  56. Cilantro – Ragi puttu
  57. All About Konkan – Tavshya bhakri (Cucumber dosa)
  58. Potpourri – Spinach and sprouts upma
  59. Home Cooked – Thalipeeth
  60. Home Cook's Recipes – Healthy oats porridge with palm candy
  61. Monsoon Spice – Double decker paratha
  62. Spicy Chilly – Fortified kuzhi paniyaram
  63. A Southern Grace – Cinnamon apple quinoa
  64. RasagavaLa, a Tasty Juicy Morsel – Paddu/Guliyappa
  65. Dhivya's Cuisine – Sago puttu
  66. Samaithu Paarkalam – Spiced oatmeal muffins
  67. Masala Magic – Healthy Poha
  68. Masala Magic – Gunta ponganaalu
  69. Ammalu's Kitchen – Whole wheat and rice flour dosas
  70. Khana Pina – Multigrain thalipeeth
  71. Baking History – Orange graham muffins with orange tea
  72. Satvika – Broken wheat upma
  73. The Well Seasoned Cook – Healthy diner pancakes
  74. En Ulagam – Besan dosai
  75. En Ulagam – Gulkand almond quick bread
  76. Saffron Trail – Breakfast bowl of sprouts

Please write to me if there are any errors or omissions. The event logo in the left pane will bring you to this page for future reference. For next edition of WBB, visit Fun and Food. Mansi is calling for Balanced Breakfast recipes.


Aparna Balasubramanian said...

That's an awesome collection of healthy breakfast ideas! And the collage of pictures is neat and handy.
Thanks for the roundup.

Unknown said...

super breakfast recipes. Now we cannot eat big fatty breakfasts :)

EC said...

Lots of new and healthy breakfast ideas...thanks for the round up

Kalai said...

Wow! Enough ideas to go on for months of healthy breakfasts! Great round-up, Suganya and thanks to all who participated! :)

DK said...

Thats a beautiful round up Suganya! and You are so right when u said that we now know where to come when we think of healthy b/f's :)

jayasree said...

Gr8 work done on roundup. Collage is eye capturing. Thats a lot of idea of healthy breakfast

Mansi said...

awesome roundup Suganya! this post is definitely for keeps:) and thanks for adding a note about my event!:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Suganya, for a great roundup. I'll be waking up to healthy meals for the next 76 days!

KonkaniBlogger said...

Thankyou for a wonderful round-up Suganya..A lot of recipes in there..Will come back and check at leisure..

amna said...

tht's such a pretty collage.. and thanks for putting mine first :D

Marti said...

How come when I click on the first one, it says blog not found?

Srivalli said...

Just too great Suganya..excellent round up and great job...wonderful to see so many breakfast items in one place!

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for the excellent round up Sugnya..Everythng here is maouthwatering

Uma said...

that was a wonderful roundup. Lovely presentation.

Sig said...

Wow, great collection of breakfast ideas... Beautiful round up Suganya! I am not a big breakfast person, cereal bar to the rescue most days!

Susan said...

I just got up and am as hungry as a bear. I want to try everything! A beautiful buffet, Suganya. Thanks for organizing!

sunita said...

Sug, thanks for the great round up...

Trupti said...

lots of healthy breakfast idea. Thanks Sugnya for this round up

Mandira said...

absolutely wonderful collection of recipes. Great job suganya!

FH said...

Oh my!! I LOVE that collage you made. Beautiful round up, thanks for taking time!:)

Finla said...

Wonderful round up for the event

Anonymous said...

Great Roundup Suganya! Thank you for hosting and choosing this awesome theme!

Anonymous said...

Lovely Roundup, Suganya. I've spent 2 hrs and not done 1/2 way yet.....I can get a hang of all the effort you've been thru. Hats off.
Such wonderfully healthy breakfast ideas....This link is sure for keeps.

Miri said...

What a great round up!! Thanks for the efforts and a well presented round up!


Vaishali said...

That is a great roundup, Suganya. And such a great resource for healthy eats. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is one great list. I am so late to send in my link but here you go:

Sreelu said...

Good job, good guide for healthy breakfast. Bookmarked !!

bee said...

thanks for this great theme and roundup, dear suganya.

musical said...

Great roundup, filled with some really cool breakfast choices! Thanks , Suganya!

Anonymous said...

wow, Suganya, GREAT job with the round up, and what a collection! thanks for hosting us all! can't wait to try some of these out, there is really no excuse for unhealthy breakkies now..

remya said...
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remya said...
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sra said...

That must have been a lot of hard work. Thanks Suganya!

Linda said...

Wow Suganya, I go away for a little while and look what you have when I come back! I can't wait to read all these healthy b'fast ideas -- thanks for that! Hope you're well :)

Sia said...

wonderful array for healthy eats... thanks sug :)

Manju said...

neat round up...i now know where to look for healthy breakfast recipes!!:)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this fabulous breakfast menu. We're saving this post for when we need some morning inspiration. We checked out about 10 so far and they are all so appetizing! Theres enough breakfast items for for the next year!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful round-up with lots of wonderful breakfast recipes...Well done Suganya!

Unknown said...

Guess that's the biggest number of entries we've ever got, goes to show what a much-loved, popular blogger you are :) This one is bookmarked for recipe ideas! Fantastic job Suganya...thanks for hosting :)
BTW discovered so many food bloggers through this event!

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

wow!! lovely round up.... gr8 set of breakfast ideas, thanx!

Swati said...

Wow!! whatt a beautiful bouquet of breakfast ideas..
You've got a great blog here and hope to see you often ..

Bharathy said...

A little late appreciation..Clap Clap :)!!!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

fantastic round up. Looks awesome and I know what I'll be browsing through this weekend for good breakfast ideas!

Johanna GGG said...

great round up - so many good recipes to follow up - and how nice that they are so healthy.

And by the way - if you are interested in making a nut roast for my A Neb at Nutroast event - please visit my blog to see the details

Vanamala Hebbar said...

Looks very nice ... Lovely round-up & thanks

Nina Timm said...

Well done on an amazing piece of work. I have bookmarked this post for when I next have to entertain...very often.

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