AFAM – Coconut: Roundup

Here it is, the roundup of AFAM – Coconut. I knew this fruit is quite popular, but your response was truly overwhelming. Soon after I announced the theme, coconut-y creations from around the world started pouring in, not limited by cuisine or course, just what I was expecting. We have a total of 105 entries, with 2 or even 3 entries from some bloggers. I thank each one of you for your support and enthusiasm, which made hosting this event quite a fun.

The entries are categorized into various heads for easy reference. They are further arranged in the order in which I received ‘em. The event logo on the left plane will bring you to this page for future reference. Visit the gallery to feast with your eyes.

Last, but definitely not least, a big thanks to Maheswari of Beyond The Usual, for conceiving such a brilliant idea and allowing other bloggers, including me, to have the pleasure of hosting this event.

A Fruit A Month - Coconut

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Entries at a glance

Lighter Delights

  1. For The Cook In Me - Aval Nanachathu/Flattened Rice with coconut and jaggery
  2. Simplicious - Tropical punch
  3. Lisa's Kitchen - Shredded Beet, Dill and Coconut salad
  4. Rekhas Kitchen - Tender coconut and pineapple juice
  5. Peppermill - Thai noodle soup
  6. Holy Cow! Recipes From A Vegan Kitchen - Coconut-miso soup
  7. The Cabinet of Prof. Kitty - 5 Bowl Salad
  8. Spice And Curry - Tropical Smoothie
  9. Veggie Platter - Coconut poha
  10. Tasty Palettes - Coconut tofu rolls


  1. Bounteous Bites - Coconut honey with vanilla
  2. Curry Bazaar - Manga Perukku
  3. Enjoy Indian Food - Muradleli Chutney
  4. For The Cook In Me - Fried Coriander Chutney
  5. Spice-club - Coconut tamarind chutney with wheat idlis
  6. Tickling Palates - Ketti Chutney
  7. For Spicy Lovers - Coconut chutney
  8. Me And My Kitchen - Coconut chutney
  9. Isha's kitchen - Coconut-garlic chutney
  10. One Page Cookbooks - 10 simple coconut chutneys


  1. South Indian Home Style cooking - Coconut Milk rice
  2. Cooking 4 All Seasons - Coconut Rice Noodles
  3. Plantain Leaf - Coconut Rice
  4. Recipe Center - Narali Bhaat (Sweet Coconut Rice)
  5. Spice-Club - Soya Vegetable pulao
  6. Nourish Me - Lemongrass, ginger and coconut rice (Nasi Lemak)
  7. Me And My Kitchen - Khuska
  8. Illatharasi - Coconut Milk rice
  9. Premascookbook - Coconut Rice


  1. Sunita's World - Rice and coconut pancakes
  2. Cooking 4 all Seasons - Coconut Puri
  3. Creative saga - Sweet cocconut paratha
  4. Nalapaka (My Kitchen World) - Kobri obattu
  5. Khichdi - Coconut paratha
  6. Tickling Palates - Coconut Pancakes
  7. Dil Se - Sweet Puri
  8. I Cook I Post - Coconut Chapathi
  9. Curry In Kadai - Sweet potato and coconut parathas
  10. Archys Recipe Book - Akki Rotti / Rice Roti
  11. Live To Cook - Kachori
  12. Konkan World - Dosas with rice & coconut/ Soi Pole

Gravies and Curries

  1. Food with a Pinch of Love - Avial
  2. My Kitchen - Matar usal
  3. Monsoon Spice - Raw Mango Kodhel
  4. Live to Eat - Kaalan
  5. My Diverse Kitchen - Egg Moillee - Egg Curry With Coconut Milk
  6. Mane Adige - Huli
  7. One Hot Stove - Kohlrabi sukke
  8. Tasty Curry Leaf - Easy Vegetable Stew
  9. CookSpot - Cucumber in Spicy Coconut Sauce
  10. Easy Cooking - Alambe Bhuthi-Mushroom stir-fry
  11. The Singing Chef - Tori Bendi
  12. The Singing Chef - Kadgi chana ghasshi
  13. Cookery Corner - Mochai kuzhambu
  14. Jugalbandi - Penang Curry
  15. Mom's Recipes - Capsicum coconut curry
  16. Escapades - Coconut rice and potato stew
  17. Tasty Palettes - Cashew coconut croquettes
  18. Live To Cook - Solkadi
  19. Cooking Up Something Nice - Cabbage carrot thoran
  20. Fusion - Coconut Milk Masala Stew
  21. Konkan World - Udad-Methi/Rosu
  22. One page Cookbooks - 10 simple south Indian curries
  23. One page Cookbooks - 10 simple avials (coconut yogurt curry)
  24. One page Cookbooks - 10 simple kootu (coconut lentil curry)

Sweet Notes

  1. Flower in The Kitchen - Klappertaart
  2. Fun and Food - Coconut Cookies with Vanilla Icing
  3. Essence of Andhra - Basboosa
  4. Recipe Center - Steamed Modak
  5. Aroma - Coconut pineapple burfi
  6. Jeena's Kitchen - Cardamom infused coconut cake
  7. Genesis of a Cook - Coconut cupcakes
  8. Sailaja's Recipes - Kobbari Undalu / Coconut Jaggery Laddu
  9. Fun with Spices - Eggless Coconut Butter Cookies
  10. Andhra Kitchen - Coconut Sweet
  11. Make Life Sweeter - Nectarine muffins with hazelnut topping
  12. Hot N' Sweet Bowl - Sweet Coconut Kozhukattai
  13. Lazzat - Coconut Halwa Puris
  14. Arusuvai - Fruits and nuts dream
  15. Suma's Cuisine - Methi kheer
  16. Paajaka Recipes - Sweet puff - coconut filling
  17. Amma's Special - Coconut spice cake
  18. Tasty Food - Coconut panna cotta
  19. Food Blogga - Fresh pineapple, banana, and pistachio cake with rum icing
  20. Cooking 4 All Seasons - Kajjikayalu
  21. Diet, Dessert and Dogs - Tropical Lemon Coconut Muffins
  22. Tasty Treats - Cappuccino Nanaimo Bars
  23. Samaithu Paarkalaam - Rava coconut ladoos
  24. Tongue ticklers - Rustic Coconut Cake
  25. Cook With Love - Coconut Choco Chip and Cranberry Macaroons
  26. Kichu Khon - Sooji monda
  27. Art of cooking Indian food - Jiggiry Dost
  28. For Spicy Lovers - Jiledikayalu ( The festival sweet)
  29. Simple Indian Food - Coconut kheer
  30. Vegetarian in ME - Whole wheat-coconut cake
  31. Mom's Recipes - Coconut fudge
  32. Spice And Curry - Coconut Ladoo
  33. Beyond The Usual - Ilaneer/Tender Coconut Pudding
  34. Live To Cook - Coconut Pooranam
  35. The Well-Seasoned Cook - Double Coconut Lamingtons
  36. The Frosted Bakeshop - Coconut macaroons
  37. Crazy Curry - Coconut Lemon Macaroons
  38. Whats For Lunch, Honey? - Mum's Coconut Lemon Cake
  39. Supriya (Non-blogger) - Coconut ricotta burfi

Apart from recipes, here are a few interesting articles about coconut.

That’s that. Now heat your pots and pans, and enjoy these delicious creations, featuring the fruit of the month – Coconut. I apologize for errors or omissions, if any, in the roundup. Please write to me to correct them. Thank you!


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