Announcing MLLA, Sixth Helping - Hot & Spicy

Its my turn to invite you all to this edition of My Legume Love Affair, a monthly event at its infancy. Don’t let that fool you, cause this event has cherished such success month after month in this short span. The brains behind this event is a Well Seasoned Cook, Susan, the eloquent blogger and a splendid photographer.

The nights are nippy and I have begun to crave hot and spicy dinners. I was brooding how spicy foods feel special on wintry nights. Like how the spicy bowl of Italian lentil soup, which I have made many-a-times during summer, felt cozier last week. With winter months ahead, I thought it would be nice and handy to have some spicy legume-based recipes up our sleeves. So, this would be the winter edition of MLLA, calling for hot and spicy legume-based recipes.

While I was receiving entries for JFI – Whole Grains, I noticed some of us were confused with legumes and grains. So I want to make sure we are in the same page. We are talking about pulses like the ones listed here.

Also, a prize, which will be announced later, is offered by Susan to one of the participants. Details to follow in a later post.

Guidelines for participation

  1. Prepare a hot and spicy vegetarian/vegan recipe with legumes as the star ingredient. The spicier, the better. Any cuisine, any course is acceptable as long as it features legumes. Eggs are allowed. You are welcome to submit multiple entries. Entries in English only please.
  2. Post about in your blog between now and 31st Dec ’08. Please provide a link to this announcement and to Susan’s event page.
  3. Send a mail with MLLA in the subject line to with the following details.
    • Your name
    • Your blog name
    • Name of the entry
    • URL of your post
    • An optional photo that is 800 pixels wide or 800 pixels long (not both)
  4. If you don’t have a blog but would like to participate, send an email with the recipe and the above-mentioned details.
  5. Older posts are accepted only if they are re-posted with a link to this announcement.
  6. Feel free to use the logo in your post.

So, come share your favourite hot and spicy legume creations with us.


amna said...

oooooh! what more could an Indian cook ask for in an event theme :D

Finla said...

I totally agree spciy foor taste much better in the winter evening.
Just the thought of eating them make me hungry.
Will try to send you something

Anonymous said...

I am actually looking forward to the Round up of this event ;-)
I love Dal/pulses/legumes and more the spicier,more anxiously waiting for the treasure of recipes here !

Priya Suresh said...

My entries r on the way...Nice event Suganya..

Lori Lynn said...

Looking forward to it, as usual!

Raaga said...

on its way to you in a couple of days girl :)

lubnakarim06 said...

I just sent you my entry. Please check it dear.

Lisa Turner said...

Great theme! I will try to submit something, time permitting. I am certainly looking forward to the roundup.

Anonymous said...


Just mailed u my entry. Can't wait to see the round up! Good that u made it "Hot & Spicy".

The Fit.Me said...

Hi Suganya,
I just sent you my entry..just check..thanks..

lubnakarim06 said...

Hi, I juste mailed you my second entry. Check out dear.

Vani said...

Hey Suganya,

Great theme for the cold wintry days..Sent you my entry..eagerly waiting for the roundup...:)

Sangeetha said...

I mailed you my entry yesterday...Hope u got it...thanks

Giff said...

was sorry I missed the window for this one, but looking forward to seeing the roundup

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