My Legume Love Affair, Sixth Helping: Hot & Spicy – Entries, Prize and the Winner

Here is the lineup of entries for the sixth edition of My Legume Love Affair, Hot & Spicy. I want to thank all of you who participated in the event.

My heartfelt thanks to the wonderful Well Seasoned Cook Susan, for not only giving me an opportunity to host, but also for being such a sport. I was at a liberty to make this event based on a theme, as opposed to being generic. Also, when I approached her with a different kind of prize, she was totally game. She even designed the logo. What else could a guest-host ask for? If you are looking to host this wildly popular event, drop a line at Susan’s event page or email her. You may be on a long wait-list, but it is so much fun.

Before going to the entries, there is a prize to be announced. Susan, the creator of this event, sponsors a prize for a random winner. The hosts have the choice of selecting the prize. Being an environmentally-conscious individual, I wanted to utilize this opportunity to spread the word. Through some simple, but effective steps, ‘Going Green’ is quite achievable. Swapping those flimsy plastic grocery bags with reusable ones is one such act. And if they are these gorgeous bags, won’t it be a delight to shop? One lucky winner will find these stylish, reusable and recyclable grocery bags at their door steps. With the dawn of new year, lets resolve to take more steps toward a greener world.

Lisa of Lisa’s Kitchen is the winner. Her entry was a simple, but toothsome bowl of brown lentils and moong dal in cashew-almond sauce. Congratulations Lisa. Please write to Susan with your mailing address.

Here are the entries listed for easy perusal. Please visit this gallery for a detailed look, along with their pictures.

  1. Escapades - Mentham Kura Pappu (Lentils with Fenugreek Leaves)
  2. Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes - Broccoli Rajma Curry
  3. Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes - Black-eyed Beans N Carrot Masala Vadai
  4. Culinary Bazaar - Tadka dal
  5. Daily Musings - Butter Beans Pulao
  6. Simply Innocence - Green Lentils with Spinach
  7. eCurry - Spiced Lentil Stuffed Flat Bread (Ajwain, Dal Paratha)
  8. Sinful Indulgence - Moth Bean Stir Fry
  9. Zaayeka - Daal Makhaani (Lentils in Creamy Sauce)
  10. The Singing Chef - Mixed Dal and Dalia Cutlets
  11. Sinful Indulgence - Black-Eyed Beans Curry - Lobiya Masala
  12. Lisa's Kitchen - Brown Lentils and Moong Dal in Cashew Almond sauce
  13. Yummy Food - Muda Pappu
  14. Indian Vegetarian Kitchen - Rajma(Spicy kidney beans gravy)
  15. Yummy Food - Khatti dal
  16. Pakashale - Kidneybeans - Turnip Greens Curry
  17. Ode 2 Food - Pesarattu
  18. Ode 2 Food - Spicy Black Bean Tortilla Rolls
  19. Cook's Hideout - Fuzzy Melon Dal
  20. Annarasa - The Essence of Food - Spicy Lima Bean Curry
  21. TastyCurryLeaf - Fassoulatha
  22. The Singing Chef - Cornmeal and Sprouts Salad
  23. Spiced! - Misal- Pav
  24. Vegetarian in ME - Puttu Payar
  25. Indian Spice Trail - Sprouted Mung Bean Curry
  26. Enjoy Indian Food - Mixed Kathol nu Shaak
  27. Appyayan - Ghugni (Dry white peas curry)
  28. Appyayan - Crispy Moong Dal Masala Dosa
  29. Appyayan - Dhokar Dalna (lentil cakes in a gravy)
  30. Ruchii - Sprouted Channadal Kurma
  31. Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes - Zucchini N Sprouted Greengram Kurma
  32. Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes - Drumstickleaves Moongdal Stir-fry
  33. Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes - Cabbage Medhu Vada
  34. My Kitchen Stories - Brussels sprouts with Kidney beans
  35. Veg Delights - 16 bean gravy
  36. The Singing Chef - Kidney Bean and Pasta Salad
  37. eCurry - Stuffed Jalapeno (Bharwan Mirch)
  38. Seduce Your tastebuds - Spicy channa pulao
  39. Asvadha - Italian Tomato Bean Soup
  40. The Well Seasoned Cook - Coconut Chickpea Curry
  41. One page cookbook - 1001 Sprouted Sundal
  42. What's For Lunch, Honey? - Mum's Creamy Lentils - Kaali Maa Di Daal
  43. Tasty Palettes - Pasta e Ceci (Pasta With Chickpeas)
  44. Tasty Palettes - Winter Comforts: Spicy Dal With Roasted Vegetables

Please write to me for errors or omission. Thank you!


Meeta K. Wolff said...

brilliant roundup! i am a huge legumes fan and love a touch of spice to it so I think this is going to be great to bookmark!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Lisa!
What a mouthwatering Gallery of food. There are so many different kinds of recipes!

KonkaniBlogger said...

That's a lovely round-up of the spicy legumes. Happy Pongal to you Suganya..

Rathna said...

Wonderful entries Suganya. Thanks for posting my entry.
Happy Pongal to you :-)

Raaga said...

lovely :-)

Congrats Lisa :-)

Susan said...

Thank you so much, Suganya, for your great round-up. You've done everyone proud. : }

Lisa Turner said...

I never win anything! I'm delighted to have won the prize after submitting my recipe to one of my favorite events!

Sangeetha said...

Congrats Lisa...Suganya awesome roundup...can't wait to try all the delicious entries. Thanks for posting my entry.

Poornima Nair said...

I just saw your blog...ur dishes look amazing and what lovely pictures...definitely an inspiration to newbies like me..

Manju said...

wonderful roundup!! and congratulations Lisa!! that is one mouthwatering entry..

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