Chocolate Crème Pots With Truffles

For some reason, certain food photographs that I have seen in other blogs, magazines or cookbooks gets stuck in my head like glue, until I try it out at least once. This recipe is inspired from one such photo. An adult chocolate creme that looks and tastes divine. What I liked the most about this dessert is, its neither thick like a pudding nor thin like a drink, but somewhere in between. As a true chocolate lover, I served this velvety dessert with home made chocolate truffles. Overall, this dessert is elegant and easy. Prepare the chocolate crème and truffles 2 days before, refrigerate them separately, bring 'em to room temperature and serve your guests. Now that’s easy entertaining.

Chocolate Creme With Truffles

As always, I like chocolate slightly bitter and so I have used dark chocolate. But feel free to use semi-sweet chocolate. Also, I noticed that when refrigerated for more than 3 days, the chocolate crème thickens like a pudding. Not that it alters the taste anyway. So serve this at room temperature or slightly warm. Likewise, refrigerate the truffles and serve at room temperature. This dessert is so easy that everything is put together using microwave oven. Adjust the cooking times to suit your microwave. Since chocolate is the star of this dessert, try using the best available quality chocolate.

This quite fits Stephanie of Happy Sorceress’ theme and I am sending my Chocolate Creme with Truffles to her Blog Party – Another Bite of Dessert. This is also my entry to My Favorite Things - Chocolate, hosted by Bindiya of In Love With Food.

Chocolate Crème


Dark chocolate – ½ cup
Heavy cream – ¼ cup
Low fat milk – ½ cup
Egg yolk – 1
Coffee liquor – 2 tsp


Microwave cream and milk together for 3 minutes, until bubbles appear on the sides. Stir in the chocolate and coffee liquor. Stir until melted. Add egg yolk and mix vigorously. Microwave for 30 seconds. Stir once and microwave again for 30 more seconds. Pour into serving containers while warm. Cover with plastic wrap or foil to prevent the chocolate crème from forming a crust.

Chocolate Truffles


Semi sweet chocolate – ½ cup
Heavy cream – ¼ cup
Orange zest – ½ tsp
Chopped nuts and cocoa powder – for coating


Microwave cream until bubbles appear on the sides, about a minute. Stir in the chocolate and the zest. Keep whisking until chocolate completely dissolves and glistens. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours. When ready, scoop a tsp of the chocolate mixture, roll into a ball in the palm of your hands. Roll either over cocoa powder or chopped nuts. I have used pistachios.

When ready, top one truffle over chocolate crème and serve with dessert spoons. Leave additional truffles on the table and let the guests help themselves.

Chocolate Creme With Truffles

Later, I found adding a pinch of chilli powder/cayenne pepper to chocolate crème instead of liquor was over-the-top. After the initial sweetness of the chocolate, the chilli powder leaves a slight heat on the back of the throat.

If you don’t want to use egg yolk, use 1 tsp of corn flour in ¼ of water. Adding a tsp of butter to the crème will give it a silkier texture. I omitted it because between the heavy cream and the egg yolk, I felt there is enough calories already.


KonkaniBlogger said...

That looks absolutely divine. I don't think any truffles would be left for my guests, I would devour them all myself ;)..

amna said...

After seeing cream as the star ingredient in many good recipes over the food blog world, I tried to get some. But apparently the ones available here are neither thick nor creamy, just some companies' excuse for cream! But I haven't given up yet. There are a couple more stores for me to check out :)

I want to try out truffles soon. Have some chocolate bars and nuts lying around.

sra said...

very nice pix. just saw your vegan ventures round up, very well done.

sunita said...

The chocoholic in me can't help but droooool...btw, how did you resist having them for days?

Finla said...

Yummmy delicious.
I would hogg them :-)

FH said...

YUM YUM!! Saw Bee's Mousse and now this. Hope my kids don't start demanding these. We are getting loads of Belgian chocolates this week as X-Mas present!:))

Bharathy said...

He he...we too get inspired a lot by photographs we see in magazines...blogs like your etc...
The difference is that we never acheive, even tried hard..:)

Another Classic post!!!..

Namratha said...

Looks divine Suganya, as always you make everything look that way! :) One question, where can I find coffee liquor, I have another recipe which demands it and I have no clue where I can find it ..

musical said...

Truffles are yummy! and magical, they would disappear soon as they get made :-D.

Happy holidays, dear!

Lata said...

Looks so heavenly, I will try by omitting eggs. Thanks.

vimmi said...

OHHHHHHHhhh it looks divine. Yummy.

bee said...

i'm hoping there's another turffle hidden deep inside the creme too, as a surprise. :D

evolvingtastes said...

Very nice, Suganya! Homemade truffles - woman, you are amazing.

Bindiya said...

Sinfully delicious!

Rajesh &Shankari said...

the truffles look so delicate...I think I want to try them with dark choclate only..just the way U made it :)
PS: How abt moving to Folsom, it is a really nice place..U will love it and I promise I will be the guinea pig :)
Happy Holidays!

Suganya said...

Maya, you mean just like we did? :D

Nags, I have not used store-bought cream while I was in India. I use to collect the skin on top of the milk, collect for 2,3 days, beat it well, and use it in the recipe. But its a lot of work with little output. Try using full fat milk powder. I am sorry I cannot be of any further help.

I hope you are well rested after your fab Thailand trip, Sra :)

By making multiple pots, Sunita ;)

Me too, HC.

Then that should satisfy your chocolate craving Asha.

Aw, C'mon, Bharathy. We all do. Its just that you don't realise. Go and have a look at yr blog.

Namratha, I bought mine from grocery stores (Frys, Albertsons, Safeway etc). If you want to start small, try visiting the liquor section at Walgreens.

Happy holidays to you too, Musical.

Let me know, Lata. Glad to see you blog hopping.

Thanks Vimmi.

Bee, Cold creme ws thick enough to float a truffle. Warm creme was lighter, and I gladly took the opportunity to hide one inside and float one on the top ;)

Thanks ET :)

And thats what chocolate is, Bindiya.

Thats a fine offer, Shankari :). I will keep that in mind when I move out of this town.

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Scrumptious! My kind of dessert!!

Namratha said...

Thanks Suganya, will give Walgreens a try :) Was looking in Walmart last night but came out empty handed..

Nupur said...

Oh, my heavens! That is dreamy beyond words.
To Nags: The heavy cream that I buy here is also not thick or creamy at all to begin with, but when whipped it becomes thick. So the cream that you are talking about might be just fine to use in recipes.

archana said...

Well, now this what is called wickedly delicious ! Nice pics too. Happy holidays !

Mansi said...

Suganya, this is such a simple and rich dessert! jsut one of those easy yet exquisite things that one craves for every now and then!:)

as usual, your pics are great!

Laavanya said...

That is one killer dessert.

Vineela said...

hi suganya,
love these truffles.i got inspired by meeta .
beautiful pictures.

Siri said...

The truffles look gorgeous Suganya. Thanks for sharing such wonderful choclaty dessert with us.. :)

~ Siri

Cynthia said...

I'm not a chocolate lover but if you offer me this, I will not refuse.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

lovely!!!! pictures look gr8 too!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics Suganya! I am drooling here.....

Sagari said...

beautiful picssss

Kribha said...

You know Suganya, I saw this post just before I went on a break. After that I dreamt that I called you up to give you compliments for the chocolate creme pots you have created. See what an influence your dessert has made? This is the second time I'm dreaming about the foods I've seen in blogsphere.
I also wanted to say that i absolutely adored your dried fruit & nut cake, chocolate chews and nuts divine. All these posts were hauting me over the holidays.

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