Bloggers For Bri

If you have been active in the blogging community these past days, its hard not to notice how all of us have come together for a noble cause. Click, the peer-judged food photography challenge, dons ‘Yellow’ this month. This is a special edition, as Jai and Bee are organizing a fundraiser to help Bri’s fight against breast cancer.

Brianna Brownlow, who blogs at Figs With Bri, is battling against her recurred cancer. To share her burden with bills and other treatment options, we all request you to extend your generosity by taking part in the fundraiser. The goal is to raise 12,000 USD, by 15th of July, 2008; and we are slowly marching towards it.

To learn how you can make a difference, visit the announcement here. There is a raffle with exciting prizes on offer. So spread the word, Chip-In, and make a difference. The Chip-In widget on my sidebar will also take you to the secure donation page. Once you make your donation bid for the raffle prizes here.

I would like to thank Jai and Bee for allowing me to do my part in a little way.


FH said...

Hope she gets more than what she needs!:)

bee said...

thank you, dear suganya, for being so supportive and generous. it means a lot to everyone at CLICK.

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