Announcing Vegan Ventures, Round 2

Well, its that time of the year. Are you thinking Halloween or Thanksgiving? Um… I meant November, the National Vegan Month. And that means, its time for yet another Vegan Ventures. For all those who claimed that vegan foods are dull, we showed how varied they can be. This year, I once again invite you all to bring out the best vegan dishes you already know, or have been wanting to give a try, and showcase your talents, by participating in Vegan Ventures, Round 2.

The guidelines are pretty much the same as last year. But let me list ‘em all for easy reference.

The Don’ts

  • Any kind of meat, poultry or seafood
  • Dairy products or by-products (milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, whey, etc)
  • Eggs
  • Honey
  • Gelatin
  • Any other animal products or derivatives

The Do’s

  • Vegetables
  • Greens
  • Fruits
  • Grains
  • Legumes
  • Soy products (tofu, seitan, tempeh, etc)
  • Egg free pasta and noodles
  • Nuts and nut butter
  • Seeds and seed butter
  • Fats with no dairy ingredients (vegan margarine, oil)
  • Non-dairy milk (Almond, rice, soy, etc)
  • Vegan sweeteners (maple syrup, agave nectar, sucanat, brown rice syrup, molasses, Stevia, etc). As before, I am going to allow sugar for its easy availability.

Here are some useful links – Veganism, Vegan cuisine, Meal ideas

To enter the event

  1. Prepare a vegan recipe (keeping the do’s and don’ts in mind) and post about it in your blog between 1st and 30th of Nov ’08. All courses and cuisines are welcome.
  2. Do you want to share ideas on vegan living? Have you tried a new vegan substitute recently? Post the article in your blog during this month.
  3. Please provide a link to this announcement in your post.
  4. Feel free to use the logo.
  5. Send your entries to, with “Vegan Ventures, Round 2” in the subject line, on or before 30th of Nov. Please include the following details in your email.
    • Your name
    • Your blog name
    • Name of the entry
    • URL of your post
    • An optional photo that is 800 pixels wide or 800 pixels long (not both)
  6. If you don’t have a blog, you can still participate by emailing me the recipe, along with the other details mentioned above.
  7. Posts from your archives are acceptable if they are posted again with a link back to this announcement.

So get cooking and send me those inspiring entries. Looking forward to them!

Update: Event roundup here.


Raaga said...

Count me in please... some of my Tam cooking will come to The Singing Chef now I hope :)

sunita said...

Gosh! Is it a year already?! Will definitely send you something :-)

Unknown said...

Nice theme!

amna said...

A year already?! Wow!! Most of my cooking is vegan anyway. Will surely send something in :)

Coffee and Vanilla said...

Hi Suganya,

Just a short note to let you know that you have been nominated to Inspiring Food Photography this month:

Have a nice day, Margot

Anonymous said...

I know a thing or two about cooking vegan, so perhaps I'll send you a dish for this event... ;)

jayasree said...

Will try to send in something.

TheCooker said...

It has been a year already?
Time does fly when we are having fun.
I already know what I'm sending :)

AnuSriram said...

Hope u got my mail with an entry!

Yasmeen said...

An all vegan recipe is on your way Soon:)

Sunshinemom said...

Just sent in mine!!

Siri said...

wow. I can't believe it has been an yr already. Feels like yest that I sent my entry for VV 1 :)) count me in suganya!

Anonymous said...


I have sent u my entry.

vidhas said...

Nice event. Count me on. Will send you my entry. Thanks for hosting Suganya

Srivalli said... seem to be in full swing have you been...haven't seen you around for a while..!

will check and double check for an entry for this event!..(so many don'ts)..:)

VV said...

I sent you my entry. First time to participate in the Vegan Venture and pretty excited about it! Hope I am following the rules.

Varsha Vipins said...

Am in Suganya...:)

Anonymous said...

hi suganya,
sent you 2 entries... :)

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